About Ibrahim

As an immigrant to Canada who arrived with next to nothing, Ibrahim Daniyal struggled to take care of his family, working various jobs to put himself and his younger siblings through school after losing his father while still in his youth. Today, Daniyal is a small-business owner, and a financial advisor, while being a loving husband and father to three boys. He hopes his sons will grow up to share his vision – to be engaged in civic duty, to give back to the community, and to do the job well-demonstrating compassion, dedication and accountability in leadership.

Ibrahim’s interest in public accountability, transparency and fiscal responsibility led him to pursue his Master’s Degree in Administrative Sciences, a post-graduate Diploma in Marketing Management from the Netherlands, as well as a Certificate in Financial Underwriting. With his experience in international financing for infrastructure development, he is well-suited to meet the needs of provincial governance.

He is a resident of Pickering-Uxbridge, and as a respected community builder and strong advocate of social justice, Ibrahim is committed to making the political process work for all members of the community. Whether through championing diversity in the workplace, safeguarding the rights of vulnerable and newcomer citizens of our community, or engaging in strategies to increase affordable housing and employment, Ibrahim is determined to use his education, experience and his passion for the community to become a strong voice for Pickering-Uxbridge.

The time has come for us to move ahead and put behind us the frustrations of reckless leadership, poor decision making, and mismanagement Ontarians are going through. As your MPP, I will be determined to work hard with Steven Del Duca to build a better Ontario. Ibrahim Daniyal